Tonight’s Scandal threatened to bring a slew of major players to their knees and revealed a side of Olivia we hadn’t seen before.

Abby retained Olivia’s services to have a tell-all book detailing her lover Leo’s and others’ dirty sex secrets shut down. Sue, the author, turned the tables on Liv and demanded $3 million.

Mellie announced her plans to run for senator of Virginia, signaling her first step in her charge toward the Oval Office.

Liv gathered all the men in Sue’s tell-all to raise $175k from each of them to pay Sue off. David Rosen—who is “The Doctor” in her book—stepped in to discourage the the men from ponying up the money, likening Sue’s demand to extortion. Later, Huck freaked out, fearing if the book was released and revealed David’s freaky tendencies, David would have to resign as Attorney General and it would ruin Huck’s chances at having immunity from the B613 case.

Liv put on her best freak ‘em dress and picked up a handsome stranger at a bar, introducing herself as “Alex.” Just as she was preparing to leave with him to go back to her place, she stopped by the ladies room and suddenly had a flashback from her time as a captive, causing her to flee from the restaurant.

After a particularly smarmy conversation in the park with Cyrus, Lizzy convinced Mellie to let her be her senate campaign manager.

Huck and Quinn walked in as one of the subjects in Sue’s book held her at knife-point in her home. Huck forced the man out, and as Quinn tried to comfort a visibly shaken Sue Huck slashed her throat with the knife. He apologized to Quinn, but told her if he hadn’t killed Sue, eventually she would have spilled about the book and destroyed Huck’s chance at immunity.

Liv returned to the bar where she’d met the handsome stranger and this time, she sealed the deal.