Viola Davis made history on Sunday night as the first Black woman ever to win the Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series award for her role on How To Get Away With Murder, and her accompanying acceptance speech was just as amazing as the accomplishment itself. Taking to the stage in a beautifully tailored mermaid-style gown, […]

    Tonight’s Scandal was all about the twists and turns of getting Cyrus and Michael to the church on time. Cyrus’ fake fiancé, Michael, got caught doing the most at a popular gay bar, and when the evidence showed up on Instagram Olivia demanded that Cyrus and he get married immediately, and in a big way. […]

Tonight’s Scandal threatened to bring a slew of major players to their knees and revealed a side of Olivia we hadn’t seen before. Abby retained Olivia’s services to have a tell-all book detailing her lover Leo’s and others’ dirty sex secrets shut down. Sue, the author, turned the tables on Liv and demanded $3 million. Mellie announced […]

The judge denied Nate’s appeal for bail, remanding him to custody for the duration of the trial. Annalise and her team began representing a priest, Father Andrew, accused of murdering a fellow priest, Father Bernard.  Annalise petitioned the judge to have her client’s plea reversed because she was not in her best frame of mind […]

Annalise’s mother, played by Cicely Tyson, showed up to give her the business. Annalise and her students took on a new client—a female doctor who was accused of raping a male patient.  Bonnie, pinch-hitting for Annalise, royally flubbed her opening statement, but worked hard to make up for it as the case progressed. The police […]

  Police arrived at Annalise’s house and told her and Hannah that Sam was dead.  Hannah flew off in a rage and accused Annalise of killing Sam and covering it up. Annalise led the students in her new case, a drug case with possible mob ties. Rebecca tried to give Wes an out, but he […]

  Abby pressed Huck and Quinn about Liv’s whereabouts, and got the cold shoulder.  Huck reminded her she was no longer a Gladiator. Fitz called in Jake to help find Olivia, while Ian prepped her to work with him. Olivia was auctioned on the “dark net,” with bidding begun by an unknown group of terrorists. […]

In the new episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise and her law students began the process of proving that Sam murdered Lila, after Annalise told the police what happened the night he supposedly went missing. Each of the students and Annalise’s colleagues was questioned by the police, and they all recount experiences […]