The judge denied Nate’s appeal for bail, remanding him to custody for the duration of the trial.

Annalise and her team began representing a priest, Father Andrew, accused of murdering a fellow priest, Father Bernard.  Annalise petitioned the judge to have her client’s plea reversed because she was not in her best frame of mind when she first reviewed the case.

A series of flashbacks put the pieces together about the night Lila was killed.

Bonnie and the students visited the cathedral where Father Bernard was murdered.  The students interviewed several young men, who suggested that Father Andrew had molested a kid named Brian, who committed suicide.  Father Andrews revealed to Annalise and Bonnie that he had spent quite a bit of time with Brian and was Brian’s confidante, and that Brian had confided in him that Father Bernard had abused him.  Father Andrew admitted to killing Father Bernard.

Nate was beaten up in his jail cell, and was subsequently moved to solitary confinement.

After his lover testified in court that she was with Father Andrew the night Father Bernard was murdered, Father Andrew changed his plea once again to guilty and was immediately taken into custody in the courtroom.

Annalise went to see Nate when he was released from jail, and he was livid.  She told him she was the one who had the judge removed from his case, and insisted he call the phone number she’d given him when he was first locked up.

Michaela, Connor, Laurel, and Wes cornered Rebecca about killing Lila, declaring that she ruined their lives and demanding that she come clean about Lila’s murder.  Rebecca turned the tables, telling them she found the campus cop who had approached the students the night of Sam’s murder and threatening to call him so he could tell what he saw.

Annalise held court in her living room to finally figure out whether or not Rebecca killed Lila, after the students taped Rebecca’s mouth and hands and locked her in the bathroom to keep her quiet.

Annalise met with the new prosecutor on Nate’s case to give her a statement.  She described a physical altercation between Nate and Sam the night Sam was killed.

While Frank and the students were distracted by Asher showing up unexpectedly, Rebecca sent a cryptic text to mysterious number.

Rebecca confessed to Wes that she gave Rudy purple X.  Wes told the group that Rebecca was wet because she had hidden in the water tank after she’d found Lila, which is why Rudy kept repeating “wet” when Wes and Laurel visited him in the rehab facility.

The prosecutor on Nate’s case showed up at Asher’s house to question him about Annalise.  Laurel surprised Michaela by giving her back the engagement ring she thought she’d lost.

In the end, it turned out that Frank is the one who murdered Lila…and then, Rebecca.

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