Annalise’s mother, played by Cicely Tyson, showed up to give her the business.

Annalise and her students took on a new client—a female doctor who was accused of raping a male patient.  Bonnie, pinch-hitting for Annalise, royally flubbed her opening statement, but worked hard to make up for it as the case progressed.

The police called Rebecca in to question her about Nate.

Bonnie attempted to use the fact that the male defendant in her case was gay to her team’s advantage, but the judge struck her down.

Annalise confronted her mother about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her uncle, and her mother turned the tables on her by telling her about the long history of abuse suffered by women in their family.  Annalise demanded that she go home.

Bonnie finally hit a homerun, and creamed the defense when she revealed that the defendant and the hospital attorney were lovers in cahoots to defraud the hospital with the settlement payout.

Wes shared with Laurel that Rebecca had lied to him about Rudy, making him more suspicious of her.

During a tender moment while her mother is scratching her scalp, Annalise learned that her mother deliberately let their house burn down when she was a child, killing her abuser, Uncle Clyde.

Wes and Laurel visited the psychiatric hospital where Rudy was being treated, and found the same scratches on the wall above  his hospital bed as on the wall in Wes’ apartment.  Rebecca tracked Wes’ phone and discovered he was at the hospital.

Nate and Annalise put on one hell of a show for the security cameras when she visited him in jail.

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