Tonight’s Scandal threatened to bring a slew of major players to their knees and revealed a side of Olivia we hadn’t seen before. Abby retained Olivia’s services to have a tell-all book detailing her lover Leo’s and others’ dirty sex secrets shut down. Sue, the author, turned the tables on Liv and demanded $3 million. Mellie announced […]

Mellie presented Andrew with an amnesty agreement pending Olivia’s safe return.  Andrew promised Mellie that he would go to any and all lengths to make sure she never became president. During a debriefing, it was revealed that, due to Olivia’s security clearance, the price for her release would be extremely high, bringing to light all […]

  Abby pressed Huck and Quinn about Liv’s whereabouts, and got the cold shoulder.  Huck reminded her she was no longer a Gladiator. Fitz called in Jake to help find Olivia, while Ian prepped her to work with him. Olivia was auctioned on the “dark net,” with bidding begun by an unknown group of terrorists. […]

  Scandal is back, and tonight’s episode was one of the most nerve-wracking ever! Olivia was snatched at the end of the winter finale, and as soon as Jake discovered she was gone he ran out of her apartment–in his underwear–to chase after her.  Jake watched as a car sped away, presumably with Liv in it, […]

  Oh boy! Just when we thought we had our Olivia Pope addiction on an even keel, ABC decided to release their Scandal Season 3 trailer for their new fall season! Take a look at it below!     Aww man! Everyone’s favorite mistress is BUSTED! This season looks like it’s going to be just […]