My grandmother used to tell me that I should always look my best because you never know who you’ll run into in the street. I bet this isn’t the reason she had in mind. A Florida prostitute is in jail after stabbing a man she serviced the night before after she saw him in a liquor store.

Angela Dawn Specker got hit with an aggravated battery charge last Saturday when she cut a former john on his forearm when she saw in in a liquor store the day after she serviced him. According to the county sheriff, the 37-year-old Specker pulled out a knife and cut the man after she saw him and said, “Perfect timing.”

One would think the prostitute would be a little remorseful about cutting a random person in a liquor store, but Specker was apologetic at all. Specker told the cop investigating the incident that she cut the man because he didn’t like the way he treated her during their $100 sex session the night before. The prostitute claimed the john had been very aggressive with her the night before by pulling her hair and slapping her during the sexual transaction. when the man had gotten his rocks off, he allegedly threw the $100 at her and left.

The victim was taken to a nearby Miami hospital for surgery as a result of the slashing.



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