When it was first announced that Drake had a song called “Wu-Tang Forever” on his album “Nothing Was The Same,” members of Wu-Tang  Clan were happy about the shout out. However, once the song was released, Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck had a change of heart. In an exclusive interview with, Inspectah Deck elaborated on why he had a little criticism for the Drake track and if he will appear on the remix.

On his original involvement with Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”:

“The understanding that I had from the song was that we was supposed to get on it, not knowing if it was the remix or the original song. I believe it was the remix. We was supposed to get on it. Given to me, from RZA, he wanted all eight of us on it. So while we were in Amsterdam, we even booked studio time to go in and get on that song and that was the understanding that I was left with.”

On his reaction upon hearing the song for the first time:

“Before I heard the song, I looked at my Twitter and I seen my Twitter blowing up. Everybody talking about ‘Drake this, Drake that.’ So I’m like, ‘Well, what happened? Why are so many people coming at Drake? Ain’t that a tribute? Ain’t that love? Ain’t that respect?’ And I got a crazy backlash after that on some, ‘Nah, man, it ain’t no tribute. It ain’t this, it ain’t that. Maybe it’s a publicity stunt, he’s trying to use y’all.’ That ain’t what I was thinking, ’cause I ain’t hear the song.”

“When I finally got to hear the song, I was more or less like, ‘Wow, I thought it was a tribute song like, it would be in respect of all eight members. And when I heard it, it was about a girl. I understood the context of where he was going with the song as far as ‘It’s Yourz.’ He’s saying that, like, everybody’s telling him, ‘It’s yours.’ Like, he owns it, whether he talking about the Rap game or the female. I understand in the context he’s saying it. I felt it didn’t have no bearing on the Wu-Tang Clan orWu-Tang Forever for that matter. Besides the [fact that] I heard him say, ‘Young brother on his Wu Tang.’ That in itself gives respect to the Clan. I’m not taking that from the brother. Whatever his intentions was, I’m not saying that I’m feeling that he had some deliberate snake intentions. I’m saying that I disagree with the title of that song being ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ when it has no bearing on Wu-Tang Clan despite the fact that the ‘It’s Yourz’ sample floatin’ in the background. We sampled ‘It’s Yourz.’ That’s a sample. That’s there for the taking. It’s not like, ‘Oh, he used y’all sample.’ We both used T La Rock.”

On whether or not he’ll be appearing on the remix:

“I never made it on the song. Actually, I went back to the hotel. Late night, I left. From my understanding, Meth got on the song, U-God, I think Masta Killah, Capp, not sure. But, I know that there were verses from the Clan on the song.”

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