Eric Roberson is a singer, songwriter and producer from Rahway, New Jersey. He is sometimes referred to simply as Erro, the name which he later used as part of his label Blue Erro Soul. He’s recorded over six albums in the last ten years ( “The Vault 1.5,” “The Appetizer,” “…Left,” “The Collection,” “Music Fan First” and “Mr. Nice Guy”) and preparing another for 2014.

If you aren’t familiar with him, here are 5 quick things you should know.

 5) He is the Founder Of Sol Village Music Showcase in NYC

“I started doing Sol Village a couple of months before I put out “The Vault” album. The Vault Vol. 1 came out and Sol Village started in august of 2003.  I remember because I did my 30th birthday party at SOBs that year and I was already doing Sol Village.”

4) His very first album “Esoteric” was over a break-up with a girl named Joy.

My solo career started from a break up. My first album “The Esoteric” was about one girl, my ex-girlfriend. That started the whole thing. Though it was a tough time I appreciate it because she helped me make a great song and a career change as well. I had to learn to turn pain to profit…. “Couldn’t Hear Me Over The Music”  was written about every woman I’ve dated, including my wife who was then my girlfriend. I wrote that song on they way to church and when I got into the vocal booth is when I realized how much trouble I was in. That was probably the biggest temptation I’ve ever had to change a lyric. But I didn’t. The second verse, “My song’s about joy/ my song’s about pain/ she love them the same/ but to me she changed…” I wrote that in the car while driving.

 3) Actor Omari Hardwick is one of his closest friends…

“Me and Omari became fast friends almost immediately. I met him at the NAACP image awards and he said “I love your work” and I said “I love your work” and I said “I’m working on an album” and he said “When?” and I said “Now!” Before I knew it I was picking him up from the airport…he was the person who was standing next to me when I found out my grandfather passed. He really helped me for that first couple of hours when I was dealing with it.”

2) He likes to keep things simple…

“Jean Norris-Baylor of Zhané was on the last record because she lived down the street from me. It wasn’t really rocket science.”

1) He is happy being an Independent artist…

“We had to fight to get where we’re at and the truth of it all is those labels now are trying to get so much younger and i’m about to be 40. They trying to get rid of the 40 year old artists they got. [laughs].”


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