Soul singer Eric Roberson never disappoints with his songs about love and relationships. With his new single, “I’m Not Trying to Keep Score No More,” Erro speaks from the heart about wanting to get things right with his lady love instead of trying to “be right” all the time. The hilarious video for the song, […]

Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw is back with a new single from his forthcoming album, Home, due out in March on Shanachie Records.  The song, “All Time Love,” features Robert Glasper, Eric Roberson, and the incomparable Tweet, who announced earlier this week that she’s preparing to head back into the studio with Missy Elliot and Timbaland. “All […]

Happy music comes in many shades, but you have to go through some grief to really appreciate it. For their latest music video Phonte Coleman and Nicolay get in some good natured fun with compatriots Eric Roberson and Shana Tucker to bring their song “Better” to life. The clip is from their latest album, “Love […]

Eric Roberson is a singer, songwriter and producer from Rahway, New Jersey. He is sometimes referred to simply as Erro, the name which he later used as part of his label Blue Erro Soul. He’s recorded over six albums in the last ten years ( “The Vault 1.5,” “The Appetizer,” “…Left,” “The Collection,” “Music Fan […]

  Emotions in men are kind of like the Lockness Monster; everybody wants to see them, but no one knows quite how to handle them if and when they do. Show too much and you’re labeled an emo wreck like Drake, show them too little and you’ve got the glut of shirtless, unchecked bravado prevalent […]

  Eric Roberson has just blessed us with new visuals from his latest album, “Mr. Nice Guy.” This time around he takes us through the male struggles with self-control on “Shake Her Hand.” Directed by Spectrum LD, “Shake Her Hand” is a step-by-step guide for gracefully and politely repelling the advances of an attractive woman […]

Omari Hardwick is who some would call a cunning linguist. At the end of 2011 Hardwick lent his seasoned spoken word talents to his friend Eric Roberson’s revealing lament, “Love’s Withdrawal” from his album Mr. Nice Guy. The song was a raw and vulnerable look into a man’s longing for a woman that transcends the […]

Famed independent artist Eric Roberson is still riding high on the success of his album “Mister Nice Guy.” The project which dropped late last year have boasted songs that sound great and have a message. Roberson’s latest single and video “Male Ego” which features rapper Hezekiah. Hezekiah also directed the video. Like on Facebook […]

If there is a face to the independent soul music movement, it is probably Eric Roberson. And if there’s a producer for the indie soul movement, it’s certainly DJ Kemit.  After decades of traveling the globe as a DJ and producing tracks for some of the world’s most esteemed house and soul music artists – […]

Soul man Eric Roberson offers up a new video from his latest album, Mr. Nice Guy. The clip for “At The Same Time” finds Erro in familiar territory, passionately lamenting the loss of a lady love.  Peep the homage to Denzel’s Bleek Gilliam  from Mo’ Betta Blues at the end. RELATED POSTS: Why Eric Roberson […]

Since you are what you eat, as a hip-hop junky in his 30s a lot of what is being served out there just isn’t palatable to  me. But thankfully my position at TheUrbandaily brings me in contact with sounds and artists that may have otherwise gone overlooked. Following the relative drought of music in 2010, […]

There are countless disposable artists in every genre, but Eric Roberson has a career that every R&B singer who wants longevity could learn from. Overnight success did not come his way, by any means. In 10 years, Eric has released eight albums independently and built an extremely loyal fan base. Since Eric Roberson didn’t obtain […]