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Famed independent artist Eric Roberson is still riding high on the success of his album “Mister Nice Guy.” The project which dropped late last year have boasted songs that sound great and have a message. Roberson’s latest single and video “Male Ego” which features rapper Hezekiah. Hezekiah also directed the video.

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“Male Ego” playfully warns men to check their ego before they miss out on a good woman. The premise of the clip centers around Eric Roberson’s version of speed dating. Roberson depicts  all of the cliche first dates. You see the gold digger asking her date if he has any cash for her. The man who thinks sex is equivalent to romance can also be found in the video. Though the storyline is solid, what really makes the video is Eric Roberson featured his fans as extras. So all of the people who aren’t Roberson or Hezekiah is a fan of Eric’s. How cool is that.

Peep the “Male Ego” video below. In the comments, tell us if you’ve ever been one of the stereotypical daters depicted in the clip.


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