Take a look around you, right now. Notice that everybody you see has some sort of smartphone in their palm, holding on to it for dear life. In fact, they probably don’t even see you seeing them because their faces are buried in the video display of a device, unaware of the toxic relationship they have with it.

Commercials and other people will have you to believe that your life is incomplete with a smartphone in your hand, infused with your arm like some character out of “The Terminator,” but that’s not the case. Much like in “The Terminator: Rise of the Machines” or Johnny 5’s “Short Circuit,” the machines are coming to life right before our crimson-colored, marijuana-glazed eyes, and the consequences are already becoming disastrous. You’re probably reading this on your smartphone, aren’t you?

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As much as an asset or fancy accessory as it can be, the smartphone is not your friend, and if you don’t believe me, check out these seven reasons why I’ve come to this conclusion.

You Are A Constant Target

There was a time when people paid attention. Now, everywhere you go — at any given time in any given place — 85% of the crowd is looking down, at their beloved smartphones. We have collectively become slaves to technology and potential victims of society. A perfect example of this is at the mall or on public transportation. Every time I’m on the bus, I can’t help but to think about how easy it would be to rob everyone on board. Not because I’m tough or crazy or lavished in poverty, but because none of those idiots are paying any attention to the world spinning around them.

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For all the positive solutions that technology has afforded us, it’s made us willing targets to predators and no one but the predators seems to notice. Sure texting is fun, but getting your goods goonswiped because you weren’t paying attention can be brutally embarrassing and possibly life-threatening.

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