You can’t make ratchetness like this up even if you tried. A man in South Carolina recently learned that turning down a lapdance from a stripper could result in violence.

31-year-old Ernest Kadlick caught a few left and right hooks with his face from a stripper named Nicole Maxine Passmore. Kadlick was enjoying an outing with his friends at Master’s Gentrlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when Passmore came over to him and tried to give him a lapdance. As she was staring to gyrate on him, he noticed her trying to snatch some money he laid on the table.

During this ill-fated lapdance, Passmore dissed Kadlick by saying, “You have a sweet receding hairline.” Well, Ernest Kadlick didn’t take too kindly to the dig and retorted with, “Yeah, and you’re a snaggle toothed bitch!” Witnesses say the dancer removed herself from the patron’s lap and proceeded to repeatedly punch Ernest Kadlick in the face. Nicole Passmore continued her assault until Ernest Kadlick and his party hustled out of the club.

Once police arrived, they noticed the victim had a large welt around his left eyebrow. The stripper claimed she attacked the patron only because he pushed her. However, none of the witnesses who gave reports support her statement. Nicole maxine Passmore was taken to a local jail where she was booked and released on bond a little while later.

You know what this means, right? If you’re in South Carolina and you don’t tip your dancer, you might find yourself in the emergency room. Act accordingly.



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