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In the second episode of this season’s “South Park,” Eric Cartman is up to his usual racist, sexist and just all-around evil ways when he attempts to blame Token for African-American rage over the George Zimmerman verdict.

In a standard mash-up of real life events and hollywood schtick, Cartman imagines that a Zombie apocalypse is pending because Blacks have pent up rage over the Zimmerman acquittal.  After having nightmares about Token going crazy, Cartman imagines himself to be Brad Pitt in “World War Z” trying to stop an impending infection.

But the “catch” is that Cartman becomes yet another gun-toting vigilante invoking the “Stand Your Ground” law to justify killing Token before things get out of hand.

The response on social media was mixed, with some praising the episode while others said it was offensive. Is it too soon to make fun of the Trayvon Martin killing?


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