south park

If you haven’t learned anything about Kanye West from his steady stream of ridiculous rants, you better know not to talk bad about his fiancee Kim Kardashian. The creators of “South Park” give no f**ks about what Kanye West wants so they wrote a whole episode talking about how unattractive Kim Kardashian is. And just […]

In the second episode of this season’s “South Park,” Eric Cartman is up to his usual racist, sexist and just all-around evil ways when he attempts to blame Token for African-American rage over the George Zimmerman verdict. In a standard mash-up of real life events and hollywood schtick, Cartman imagines that a Zombie apocalypse is […]

The always topical South Park is set to take on the Occupy Wall Street protests in Wednesday night’s episode. In “Ganging Up On The 1%” Cartman gets in trouble for throwing his weight around. When he fails the gym class’s physical fitness test, everyone is mandated to do more exercise, even though they all passed. What […]

The latest episode of South Park, “TMI” takes the term “erectile dysfunction” to a whole other level. Cartman flies into a rage when he thinks the penis sizes of all the boys in school are posted by the school nurse. To make matters worse Mr. Marsh tries to teach the class on the proper technique […]

Tyler Perry was the latest victim of the South Park creators animated snarkfest. In the episode entitled “FunnyBot” the boys host their towns very first annual Comedy Awards. Perry is presented with the Kathy Griffin Award, which is given to the person most likely to show up and accept such a lame prize. Throughout the […]

In this week’s “Mysterion Rises” episode the South Park animators spoofed LeBron’s “Rise” Nike commercial. King James’ clip was a direct response to the critics of his “Decision” to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and the manner in which he departed. In the South Park version the CEO of British Patroleum   laments his own bad […]

The President may not know who Snooki is but the South Park creators sure do. In a recent episode “It’s a Jersey Thing” the notorious celebrity slayers took aim at the loud-mouthed human oompa loompa recreating her as a Smeagol-type character that humps everybody’s leg.

In “Sexual Healing,” the premiere episode of South Park’s 14th season, they take on the nationwide problem of rich men cheating on their wives using the Tiger Woods scandal as the lynch pin.

What’s going to be funnier than a gay fish? A straight Tiger. The world famous golfer will be ‘tooned but the mischievous South Park creators for their premiere episode on March 17th.