Hip Hop Saves Lives Presents, “Let’s Take It Higher,” a Benefit Concert in Honor of Haiti, with Special Guest Appearance by Honoree, DJ Kool Herc


Hosted by Cassie Freeman of VH1’s “Single Ladies” with Special Guest Performance by

“The X Factor” Sensation, ASTRO Kid

Hip Hop Saves Lives (HHSL) is a non-profit organization that was created to re-instate the original purpose of Hip Hop. An alternative to gang and street life, Hip Hop, born out of humanity, evolved as a conduit for positivity the aim is to teach humanity through Hip Hop.

Says Chad Harper, CEO and Founder of HHSL,

“We don’t just teach humanity through Hip Hop, we create humanitarians,”

HHSL teaches humanity using Hip Hop as a platform through a youth program entitled “Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience,” a program that educates about global “heroes,” and encourages the children to participate in creating various musical and visual gifts for the chosen “hero.” HHSL also produces fundraisers where 100% of the proceeds support schools and clean water initiatives in Haiti.

(HHSL) will present an evening in tribute to one of the most significant and dominant American art forms: Hip Hop. The “Let’s Take It Higher” benefit concert will be held at Carnegie Hall, widely known as one of the most famous and elusive stages in the world, on Sunday, November 3, 2013, at 8:30 p.m. (EST).

Special guest performances to include, World Roots Artists: Zing Experience and Brown Rice Family, along with a special guest appearance by famed Hip Hop producer, Large Pro and rounding out this illustrious evening will be the iconic Hip Hop artist Rakim. Who is highly regarded as one of the most influential and talented MCs of all time. Afrika Bambaataa, affectionately known as “The Godfather” of Hip Hop, will also be celebrated that evening for being one of the originators of the culture.

In honor of the iconic history of the art form, one that has shifted the global landscape, HHSL will create an experience featuring some of Hip Hop’s architects, including the legendary pioneering DJ Kool Herc and the innovative Rock Steady Crew who along with many others, helped to create Hip Hop’s foundation. ASTRO, the imaginative and energetic Hip Hop artist will represent the youth of the movement by gracing the stage. With almost four decades of relevance, Hip Hop, the prodigious cultural movement with African roots, continues to inspire and elevate society at large.

Please click here for more details on how to purchase tickets.

For information on HHSL, please visit,

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