According to Huffington Post, a costume at a recent party consisted of a man dressed as Trayvon Martin, wearing black face and a blood-stained hoodie, and a man portraying Zimmerman, wearing a shirt that read “Neighborhood Watch.”The man portraying Zimmerman has fashioned a gun out of his right hand and has pointed it at the man dressed as Martin.

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The photo was found on the Facebook page of Caitlin Cimeno who is said to be the the woman in the picture.

Cimeno’s Facebook account has since been deleted however it was too late to avoid the backlash as the photo had already gone viral by the time she closed the account. The outrage and venom had already begun to spew.

Gawker, reports one of the men chose to set the photo as his Facebook profile picture but then swapped it out with another and locked his profile by setting it to “private.”

If this is what our society has been reduced to, if this is what has become of that good old American spirit that we are always hearing about then we weep for the future. Making fun of a dead teenager is horrific. But parading around in that foolishness while a family grieves for their teen-aged son truly demonstrates one of the lowest forms of humanity.

Our thoughts go out to the Martin family tonight. We can’t even begin to imagine what this must be doing to them.


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