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As the person who showed the guys where the dopest spots were in Vegas, where do you like to hang out in Vegas?

Well, I just love the Aria Hotel. I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to promote the movie. It’s actually the only hotel I stay at when I got to Vegas. I’m kinda not really a club dude, but I like the shows. I went to see some Cirque de Soleil shows at the Bellagio and those were great. I haven’t gotten a chance to yet, but I’ve been trying to get out to the Red Rock area. I also go to all of the spas. I go to a million spas when I’m there. But nothing that you would think, “Oh yeah, this is some party stuff!” Nah, I’m way past that. [laughs]

You seem like a very fun guy so I would’ve assumed you were out in the clubs. Especially with Kevin Hart being one of your boys and everything.

Oh, when Kevin drags me out to the club, I do it, but I don’t interpret the club as fun. I understand how people can see the club as fun, but I don’t. I have most of my fun in the day time. I fly Cessna 172s. I fly those suckas like twice a week. That’s fun to me. Snowboarding and kite surfing, that’s fun to me. I like fishing. [laughs] The club–it’s loud. People talk loud and when they’re drunk, people talk loud and spit in your face. It’s just not my thing. The club was fun to me when I was a lot younger like 20 years younger.

How do you not get pigeonholed as the funny black guy in films when that’s all producers want you to be?

There’s no one to blame for that but because at the end of the day, I accepted those roles. The way you change that is by writing your own stuff, which I’ve done. I have a funny feeling that next year you will be smiling because of what I’ve done.

I remember the first thing I saw you in was the MC Hammer movie and now you’re here. How would you summarize your career to someone who doesn’t know Romany Malco?

Really, this probably an arrogant thing to say, but I did it my way. I did it my way. Acting is not who I am, it’s just what I do. So I can pick and choose my jobs and be extremely selective. If you go down my roster, even if the film wasn’t a huge success, you can’t deny that I worked with Jackie Chan or Mike Myers. You can’t knock it. I get involved with projects for the story and other people involved. And I’ve worked with nothing but stellar people.

What would be your dream role?

I wrote my dream role. It’s actually in development right now. I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it. So my other dream role would be to play a lead in something that was topical and poignant in a way that it would actually have an impact on society’s perspective on politics, religion, race, and spirituality. That would be my dream role–a role that actually spoke into the consciousness of today.

When you decide that you’re done with acting, what do you see yourself doing?

Probably getting a lot more involved in the psychological development of children. I want really begin exposing kids to more than their immediate surroundings. Maybe private intervention and working to help Americans get over their dependency on the government. Seeking education and information and life outside of government assistance.


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