Men will be boys, as demonstrated by Fitz and Jake in last night’s episode of “Scandal.”  Fitz, apparently still butt hurt by Olivia’s renewed interest in Jake,  had his presidential goon squad  security detail bring Jake in and work out his aggression in a “friendly” game of basketball.  Fitz’s true feelings came to the surface when he accused Jake of crossing the line “You were supposed to watch her. That’s it. Remember?”  Perhaps a lesson for Fitz: don’t hire a straight guy to stalk your beautiful ex-mistress!

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Over at OPA, Liv dispatched her gladiators to Montana, to hide new client Josie Marcus’ dirty little secret- at 15, she got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption.  Cyrus was too little, too late when his staffer called to report: “We got Pope’d sir!”

Miraculously, Josie confessing her family secret (her baby sister was actually her daughter!) on a nationally televised debate made her the top Democratic frontrunner against Fitz, putting Olivia 2-0 against the White House.

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Impressed by Liv’s strategic wins, The Pres decided to call her on her secret “Fitz phone.”  Liv, who had dumped it in the trash earlier when chatting with Jake, retrieved the cell phone to engage in some sexy, political foreplay.  With Fitz nervous about his Correspondent Dinner speech, Liv decides to give her ex-lover some moral support and attend.

All eyes were on Liv as she sashayed in a killer Rubin Singer gown, with Jake as her date.  One of Fitz’s bodyguards escorts her out and into a private room with The First Lady waiting.  Ever the pragmatist, Mellie begs Liv to run Fitz’s campaign a second time: “He needs you Olivia. He is tired and broken…he’s not alive when you’re not here. You’re everything to him Liv.”

At home, Liv walks out in a “Grant For President” t-shirt, going through photographs of she and Fitz from the first election campaign, when suddenly Jake and Huck bring Liv devastating news.  Could it be that the love of her life is responsible for the plane crash that killed her mother? Tune in next week!

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