When it comes to what is considered the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, you must mention two important groups. One is A Tribe Called Quest and the other is Wu-Tang Clan. Both rap crews released seminal albums around the same time and we’ve reached the 20th anniversary of both projects. Over the weekend, Hip-Hop celebrated the anniversaries of ATCQ’s “Midnight Marauders” and Wu’s “Enter the 36 Chambers.”


While it is definitely a happy time for both rap groups, it’a also a sad one. Wu-Tang member and friend to A Tribe Called Quest, Ol Dirty Bastard, died of a drug overdose on November 13, 2004. So in order to remember his homie and celebrate the milestone anniversaries of their albums, rapper Q-Tip tweeted a funny story about ODB coming to battle him while they were both in high school.

Q-Tip tweeted, “RIP to my nigga ason a.k.a. OL DIRTY BASTARD. I have a great memory to share coming shortly.” Later the Queens MC posted the story, “In 87 ODB came 2 My HS w/ RZA to battle niggas n we had 2 rounds. we dapped up n stayed cool. we wld always Talbout dat battle.”

Can we just play “Brooklyn Zoo” for the fallen homie one time? Matter of fact, enjoy it below.



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