People will do the most for a little. A man in Vero Beach, Florida decided he was going to teach his wife a lesson about making him angry by leaving a fake bomb on the kitchen counter for her to discover when she came back in the home from running errands.


51-year-old Randolph Smith recently landed himself behind bars because of his stunt. He was charged with planting a hoax bomb, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest without violence. Police were made aware of Smith’s actions when his estranged wife called the police saying her husband left a gray pipe with wires hanging out of it on the kitchen counter. Besides the fake bomb, there were several handwritten notes left around the prop bomb. One of the notes said, “This is (an) explosive. (It’s) a bomb.”

As she waited for the police and bomb squad to arrive, the woman explained that she was in the process of divorcing Randolph Smith. Once the bomb squad got to the scene and checked everything out, they determined the bomb was fake and that the pipe contained no explosives.

Police found Randolph Smith and arrested him at a nearby Burger King. While he was being interrogated, Smith tried to get up and walk out of the interview room. after being questioned for a while, Smith admitted that the reason he left the fake bomb for his estranged wife is because she had pissed him off.

If this is what he does when he’s pissed off, I’d hate to see how he reacts when he’s blood-boiling mad. Yikes!



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