Rapper Lil Kim is in some hot water. She’s being accused of stealing the artwork for her latest single “Dead Gal Walking” from a make-up artist named Samantha Ravndahl.


According to Ravndahl, not only did she do the make-up for the photo, but she is also the model. The makeup artist says she posted the photo online and thought nothing of it until she discovered the fact Lil Kim was using the photo on her own social media accounts. When Ravndahl found out about Kim’s use of her photo, she reached out to Kim’s reps and asked for payment for use of the picture. Kim’s camp gave hewr the runaround when they received the request.

When Samantha finally got a response from Lil Kim’s camp, Samantha was initially told Lil Kim wasn’t willing to pay a red cent for the artwork. After Samantha Ravndahl continued to push for compensation, she was told that Lil Kim’s team “works slowly.” While Kim’s team was “working slowly” to pay the makeup artist, they’ve been promoting “Dead Gal Walking” using the ghoulish face as the single artwork. Kim even added her own copyright to the photo when she posted it on Instagram.


Ravndahl has yet to file a lawsuit. She says she was waiting in hopes Lil Kim and her team would make good on their word and pay her for use of the photo. If they don’t, Ravndahl will file a lawsuit.

Lil Kim’s camp haven’t made any public statements regarding the matter as of yet.



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