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In “The Best Man Holiday” Morris Chestnut’s character Lance works hard to fulfill a Christmas wish for football fans, but in real life the actor gave supporters a gift they won’t soon forget.

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The sequel to 1999’s “The Best Man” gave “Thor: The Dark World” a serious run for the number one spot raking in $30.6 Million in its weekend debut blasting estimates and eclipsing the entire take of the original.  The success of the film is due in no small part to the dedication of the staff in promoting the film. In fact, Chestnut surprised attendees at the Rave Crenshaw theater in Baldwin Hills to thank his fans for coming out to support the film.

Theater management feigned a technical difficulty with the film and told theater goers that someone would be available to keep them company until the issue was resolved. Chestnut then emerged from the darkness to screams and applause.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to support the movie,” he told appreciative fans. “We really put a lot into this movie, a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I really think you’re going to like it.”

While “Thor” bested “The Best Man Holiday” in overall box office estimations, “The Best Man Holiday” was only shown on 2,024 screens compared to Thor’s 3,841, and its per screen average is $15,115 to Thor‘s $10,011.

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