For last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” comedian Paul Rudd created a spoof of the Black holiday films, “Best Man Holiday,” “Madea Christmas” and “Black Nativity” called–wait for it—“White Christmas.” In the fictional trailer, the film promises to highlight “women snapping peas,” “gun-toting grannies” and other tropes from Black holiday films with the tagline, “Finally […]

Does technology hurt or help relationships? In the hit film “The Best Man Holiday” all kinds of  gadgets–from cell phones to tablets–seem to do more harm than good for the user. But whose fault is it? Is it good old human error or are these new tools just getting in the way? We asked the […]

  Ava DuVernay dreams big and in color.  After years of creating campaigns for big budget studio films, the former publicist took her life savings and in 2011, bankrolled her first feature film, “I Will Follow.”  DuVernay’s career as a filmmaker has skyrocketed, making history as the first African-American woman to win the coveted Best […]

In “The Best Man Holiday” Morris Chestnut’s character Lance works hard to fulfill a Christmas wish for football fans, but in real life the actor gave supporters a gift they won’t soon forget. Must Watch: TOY STORIES: Nia Long’s “Sit’N Spin,” Sanaa’s Stretchy Hulk & More! [EXCLUSIVE] The sequel to 1999’s “The Best Man” gave “Thor: […]

Even if you haven’t seen “The Best Man Holiday” yet, the scene in the trailer where the four male leads are lip-syncing to New Edition’s classic “Can You Stand The Rain” is already a mega hit. But in any creative process there are drafts and the final product isn’t always what was planned. So what […]

Who remembers that one Christmas toy that you just couldn’t stop playing with? “I had a streeeetch Hulk and I loved him so much because I was so in love with the original Hulk,” Sanaa Lathan  says as she pulls her arms apart pantomiming the popular toy from the ’80s. “I had one, too!” Nia […]

In 1966 Dr Maulana Karenga created an Afro-American holiday designed to honor African heritage and tradition called Kwanzaa. The week long celebration is observed between December 26th and January 1st and incorporates seven principles called the Nguzo saba. The name Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, “meaning first fruits of the […]

After fourteen years director Malcolm Lee rounded up everyone from the original hit “The Best Man” to bring fans the sequel, “The Best Man Holiday.”  The highly anticipated follow-up to the story of college friends preparing for the wedding of their best friend is in theaters November 15th. For this week’s episode of “What’s Hot” […]