If you are in the state of Florida, you better tread lightly when doing anything. You might get beat up or something worse depending on the amount of melanin in your skin. In this case, a man got clocked in his face for not turning his cell phone ringer off.


When 38-year-old Jean Pierre Louis went to see “12 Years A Slave,” he made the mistake of not turning his ringer off. During the film, which is about two hours and twelve minutes long, Pierre Louis’ phone kept ringing and other movie patrons became annoyed. One patron in particular took it to the next level when Pierre Louis’ phone wouldn’t stop ringing. 71-year-old Annette Dimon initially kicked Pierre Louis’ chair to get him to shut the phone off. However, the chair kick didn’t yield the results Dimon wanted.

After Dimon kicked his chair, Pierre Louis stood up and turned around to face Dimon. When Pierre Louis faced Dimon, he says that’s when she pushed him and struck him in the face. However, when the police arrived to the scene and questioned Annette Dimon, she said Pierre Louis slapped her hand away when she reached out for him. Pierre Louis told police he didn’t want to see an “old lady go to jail and he just anted an apology.” Dimon later apologized and everything was fine.

Pierre Louis signed a waiver of prosecution and was given a “case number on a victim’s rights brochure.”



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