As Hillary Clinton and her Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine make their last rounds before election day, Kaine sat down for an interview with Pusha T in the swing state of Florida. Pusha has been an advocate for Clinton for a few months and those who registered to vote were given a chance to meet […]

Justice said her son was a homebody who loved eating and working out. He had a jovial personality that made everyone laugh.

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A mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida nightclub left 20 people dead and more than 40 injured, CNN reports. Authorities are considering the incident an act of domestic terrorism. The shooting began around 2 a.m. at Pulsenightclub, described as the “hottest gay bar” in the city.  At least 42 people were transported to a nearby […] A 41-year-old Florida mother of three was killed by her estranged husband on Thursday, NBC Miami reports. Miami-Dade police say the husband approached Tania Adams and her 28-year-old male coworker at the Isles at Oasis community clubhouse and began shooting. After he killed Adams, he turned the gun on himself. Though still in the beginning stages of […]

Former Florida State Seminoles player De’Andre Johnson is “embarrassed” by the video that shows him punching a woman in the face at a local college bar, but…

Footage of Florida State University freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a woman in the face was released today, leading to several battery charges lodged against…


Florida authorities approached what was believed to be a hostage situation, but it was nothing more but a Plies video shoot. TMZ reports: Cops were called…


Continue to fight and show others the Strenght and faith u have Khameyea. — Sen’Derrick Marks (@senmarks) May 3, 2015 Jacksonville Jaguar Sen’Derrick Marks…

Teenagers do the dumbest things. In conjunction with doing dumb things, teens never think there will be consequences. One Florida teen got a rude awakening when he was arrested after posting a video of himself driving recklessly on the highway. According to reports, Robert Kelley was arrested and charged with two counts of leaving a […]


A Tampa, FL family is still recovering after steak they reportedly purchased at their local Walmart store was contaminated with the powerful drug LSD! According to ABC Action News, authorities tested their food after the  father, young children and 9 month pregnant mother were rushed to the hospital. Take a look at the disturbing story below! […]

Having to worry about your child getting into a fight at school is one thing, but to be a parent fighting your child’s classmate is, well, nonsense. That’s what happened when Irisdaly Rios fought her middle school daughter’s classmate on Wednesday, and she was arrested for battery. Rios’ daughter got into an altercation with another student […]

A Florida middle school teacher was suspending after assigning homework using Lil’ Wayne lyrics. The explicit lyrics to his hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” were printed and passed out to an eight grade class, and it made one parent very upset. According to WPTV, a student’s parent Vanessa Guzman expressed, “This is crazy. They shouldn’t […]