Teenagers do the dumbest things. In conjunction with doing dumb things, teens never think there will be consequences. One Florida teen got a rude awakening when he was arrested after posting a video of himself driving recklessly on the highway.

According to reports, Robert Kelley was arrested and charged with two counts of leaving a scene of an accident with injuries when he posted a video of the accidents on YouTube. The clip was called “Me Driving Like An Idiot.” Kelley posted the video of himself crashing into four cars which resulted in the injuries of five people including Robert Kelley himself. The wild teen was arrested on Friday after posting the video on YouTube on Tuesday. The clip has since been taken down from the video sharing site.


Sgt. Eugene Griffith told reporters, “He wasn’t concerned about anyone’s safety. He just drove in a manner, cutting people off left and right just a total disregard for our citizens. We’re just really lucky we’re not dealing with a death in this case.”

To make Kelley’s situation worse, he was also charged with reckless driving and driving without a license. The police chief of Robert Kelley’s hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Florida said they are still reviewing the tape to decide whether to add a charge of intentional battery with a vehicle to the other charges.

If you’re going to be a criminal, be a smart one and don’t film or post yourself doing the damn crime!

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