The Sound

Extraordinarily talented Dreamville/Roc Nation artist J.Cole is truly in a league of his own and he proved as much yet again by keeping a promise to a young fan and attending her high school graduation in the midst of a hectic tour schedule. To give a brief recap of the backstory, a New Jersey high school student […]

Teenagers do the dumbest things. In conjunction with doing dumb things, teens never think there will be consequences. One Florida teen got a rude awakening when he was arrested after posting a video of himself driving recklessly on the highway. According to reports, Robert Kelley was arrested and charged with two counts of leaving a […]

The phenomenon of adults having sex with teenagers is nothing new. However, it’s getting to a point where it’s really over the top. A Florida woman is sitting behind bars because she engaged in a sexual relationship with a boy who was sixteen years old. The reason the affair began in the first place, you […]

Criminals always they think they can outrun police forever. A British teen fugitive thought he was invincible when he started taunting police on Facebook. But things went left when the teen was caught and arrested the next day. The British police station posted the photo of the teen named Sam Greenwood on their Facebook page. […]