Criminals always they think they can outrun police forever. A British teen fugitive thought he was invincible when he started taunting police on Facebook. But things went left when the teen was caught and arrested the next day.

The British police station posted the photo of the teen named Sam Greenwood on their Facebook page. Greenwood saw his picture and took to his own account to send a message to the cops, “Catch me if u can.” According to Inspector Umer Khan, the person who runs the social media page, it usually takes a few weeks for a suspect to be apprehended after posting their photo online. However, Sam Greenwood was spotted by a patrol car the very next day and hauled off to jail.

The cops exacted their own bit of revenge once Sam Greenwood was arrested. It’s customary for the police station to have the photo removed from the Facebook, but since Greenwood’s commented things like, “Go Sam!” the police responded to his friends with a remark of their own. The police commented on Greenwood’s photo, “Caught you. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200, go straight to jail.”

Sam Greenwood was arrested in January for breaking British driving laws. He served four months in a Young Offenders Institute.  His photo was posted on Facebook by the cops because he skipped a few appointments with his probation officer which violated his probation.



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