Fetty Wap is still recovering after his involvement in a bad motorcycle accident that had Twitter going crazy over the weekend.


Last week, we heard the surprising announcements that twentysomething athletes Patrick Willis, Jason Worilds, Jake Locker and Maurice Jones-Drew are stepping away from the NFL much earlier than everyone expected. These moves, dubbed as “crazy” by some, may be the smartest decisions the stars have made. In a world where former NFL players are suffering from a laundry list of […]

Over the weekend New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz suffered a right knee injury which ended his season and the four-year vet was carted off the field during the Eagles game. And at the moment Cruz has undergone surgery on the knee and doctors have  successfully repaired the torn patellar. And while Cruz will be […]

Teenagers do the dumbest things. In conjunction with doing dumb things, teens never think there will be consequences. One Florida teen got a rude awakening when he was arrested after posting a video of himself driving recklessly on the highway. According to reports, Robert Kelley was arrested and charged with two counts of leaving a […]

Tragedy struck the popular music festival SXSW. A car busted through barricades and struck 25 people leaving two dead, five in critical condition, and the rest with injuries. To make the already terrible situation worse, the driver of the vehicle is suspected to have been driving drunk. According to the Austin Police Department, the accident happened on […]

The 1990s holiday classic “Home Alone” is still one of the most beloved films ever created. Everyone loves watching a small Kevin McAllister wreak havoc on The Wet Bandits. While watching The Wet Bandits being set on fire and hit in the heads with paint cans is hilarious, it’s often forgotten that the injuries sustained […]

In the sport of UFC it’s expected that some pretty nasty breaks will happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. In his first title defense (and second match against Anderson Silva) middleweight champion Chris Weidman successfully defended his title at UFC 168  after colliding with Silva in the second round of a […]

Big Boi‘s friends Goodie Mob have named their new album “Age Against The Machine,” and after his recent performance in Illinois, nothing could be truer. The Outkast member was performing his group’s hit “Bombs Over Baghdad” at a Summer Camp Fest in Illionois when he literally tried to hop with his hip and came down […]

  Thanks to superstitious thespians the term “break a leg” has become a ubiquitous catch phrase to ward off bad luck. But after watching Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffer one of the most graphic sports injuries of the last 30 years, it’s impossible to say that without a chill going down your spine. On […]

As one clever fan summed it up, Amare Stoudemire finally attacked the glass. Following a 104 to 94 loss to the Miami Heat in game two of their NBA playoff tilt, the Knicks star forward took  out his frustrations on a glass case for a fire extinguisher. His hand was lacerated in the process requiring […]

Forget about the Madden NFL curse, this entire NBA season has been plagued by some disgruntled obia (is it Greg Oden?) causing injuries across the board. The latest casualties of the condensed lockout season are the Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose and New York Knicks rookie Iman Shumpert. Both players suffered season-ending ACL tears on […]