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In a rare late-night appearance, Eddie Murphy joins Arsenio Hall tonight and addresses a question that has followed them for years: WHY has there been no sequel to their 1988 hit movie,  “Coming to America”?

The romantic comedy about an African prince named Akeem (Murphy) and his best friend Semmi (Hall) who cross the ocean to find true love is a celebrated classic.  But after grossing millions it didn’t get the expected sequel (Murphy made follow-ups to both”Beverly Hills Cop” and “48 Hours”).

So what happened?

“There were a bunch of lawsuits,” says Murphy. “There was a dude claiming he was a prince. I’d be out in the club and this African dude would roll up on me saying ‘I am the real Prince!’ I had depositions where I had to sit across from this dude saying he was the real king.”

Watch the clip below and tune into Arsenio Hall tonight where Murphy talks about his upcoming solo album “9,” collaborating with Snoop Lion, and an upcoming mockumentary he’s set to film with soul/funk legend Stevie Wonder.


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