Reality star Porsha Stewart is really going through it in the public eye. After being blindsided with a divorce from ex-NFL player husband Kordell Stewart, Porsha is being accused of stealing thousands from a party promoter.


According to a woman named Tanika Oliver, she paid Porsha Stewart two thousand dollars up front to make a four-hour appearance at a venue in Ocoee, Florida this past week. Oliver claims Stewart was more than three hours late. Porsha arrived 20 minutes before the event was over and gave several excuses for her tardiness. Tanika Oliver says Porsha told her that the flight to Florida was delayed. Stewart then told Oliver that the chaufuerr took them to the wrong hotel and then that they had to stop so she could change into a fresh pair of clothes.

As we mentioned earlier, Porsha Stewart received two thousand dollars upfront, which was half of her fee. Despite arriving when the event was damn near over, Stewart still demanded she receive the rest of her money. When Oliver objected to paying Stewart in full without having held up her end of the deal, things went left very quickly. Things got so bad the police had to be called to the scene. When police arrived and assessed the situation, they told the two women to hash out their issues peacefully. Oliver reluctantly cut Porsha the two thousand dollar check and went on about her business. However, Tanika Oliver has decided to stop payment on the check and wants Porsha Stewart to return the other half of the appearance fee.



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