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The upcoming season of VH1’s hit reality show “Couples Therapy” is set to be the most emotionally charged season yet. The house is filled with some of the most explosive personalities reality television has ever seen. While we have former star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Taylor Armstrong and one of the former cast members of “Teen Mom” working through their respective issues in their love lives, the wildcard personality of the cast is legendary rapper Ghostface Killah. He and his girlfriend can be seen arguing like crazy in the trailer.



Although their argument is a very serious one, it’s quite funny if you’re from the Mid-Atlantic region of the country because it’s a clear picture of how we argue around here. When in an argument, scream louder than the person that’s screaming at you. You show them you mean business by clapping your hands between words or syllables. That’s also how things escalate super fast, but nobody said we were perfect.

Check the trailer below and make sure you watch Ghostface Killah on “Couples Therapy” when it premiers on VH1 on January 2 at 9pm.



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