It’s easy to fall for a girl like Kaylin Garcia. The vivacious reality star is gorgeous, slender, and talented. Despite being dragged into a muddy whirlwind of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Budden, Garcia appears to be happier and in a better place. With season six of Couples Therapy premiering tonight on VH1, we […]

Taraji P. Henson Announces Empire’s Season Two Premiere Date The Lyon family will be back with the music, the family love, and of course the…

Everyone knows how much work even the best of relationships can be, but imagine the pressure of having your relationship scrutinized under a media spotlight where everything is blown out of proportion. In Hollywood, a discussion becomes a screaming match, showing up to a red carpet event alone equals getting a divorce and having lunch […]

The upcoming season of VH1’s hit reality show “Couples Therapy” is set to be the most emotionally charged season yet. The house is filled with some of the most explosive personalities reality television has ever seen. While we have former star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Taylor Armstrong and one of the former cast […]

Navigating the choppy waters of dating and relationships is one of the toughest things we’ll have to face. Everybody can use a little help in that department, especially semi-famous to actually famous people. For that reason, rapper Ghostface Killah will appear on the fourth season of VH1’s hit reality show “Couples Therapy.” Ghostface will try […]

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  Did the “Couples Therapy” house really catch fire today? Yes! Apparently the VH1 “Couples Therapy” house was on fire and this story is true! Now the other stories coming out of “Couples Therapy” we can’t vouch for! We kid VH-1, we kid! According to TMZ, It was due to a production light hitting a couch […]

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   Liz Trujillo, the fiancee of Public Enemy and “The Flavor Of Love” alum Flavor Flav, was rushed to the hospital after she began “acting strange”. It’s not clear if she was on the set of VH1‘s “Couples Therapy” when it happened. Flav and Trujillo, who is also the mother of one Flav’s children, decided to join “Couple’s Therapy” to work […]