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Did the “Couples Therapy” house really catch fire today? Yes! Apparently the VH1 “Couples Therapy” house was on fire and this story is true! Now the other stories coming out of “Couples Therapy” we can’t vouch for! We kid VH-1, we kid!

According to TMZ, It was due to a production light hitting a couch and catching fire forcing the cast to be evacuated until the fire department gave the all clear to go back in. Wow! We wonder if this will make it into one of the shows?

This is also the second time this week that 911 has been called to the “Couples Therapy” house. We reported a few days ago about Flavor Flav’s Fiancee having to be taken to the hospital from the house. Yikes!

We hope this week finishes better than it started for the VH1 residences! Good Luck!


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