Cloe Woods, a five-year-old from Kenner, La., is being hailed a hero after she led her blind Grandmother to safety when the stove in her home caught fire early Wednesday morning.

There are things that are annoying, but they are small so you dismiss them. Then you have the little things that are so annoying that you will damn near kill yourself to make sure your space is rid of whatever it is annoying you. A man in Florida took the latter method to heart when […]

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Since the horrific crash that took the life of actor Paul Walker on Saturday many fans have wondered how his “The Fast And The Furious” co-star Vin Diesel has been holding up. Vin finally broke his silence both on Facebook and in public. On his FB he wrote, “To live in the hearts we leave […]


As we previously reported, superstar actor Paul Walker lost his life yesterday in a tragic car accident. More information is being reported about Paul’s last moments and the details of the car crash that took the lives of both Paul and his good friend Roger Rodas. RELATED: Tyrese, Ludacris, Vin Diesel & More React To Death Of […]


Awful news to report tonight as word is spreading that actor Paul Walker, best known for movies like “The Fast And The Furious” and “She’s All That,” has died at age 40. TMZ is reporting that Walker died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California. The accident happened in a part of California called Santa Clarita which is north of […]

The childhood home of Detroit rapper Eminem, featured on the cover of his new ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ album (and the original ‘Marshal Mathers LP’) was damaged in a fire on Thursday night. According to the Detroit Free Press, the local fire department responded to the blaze in the 19900 block of Dresden Street near […]

Legendary singer/songwriter Babyface almost lost one of his homes over the weekend. Babyface’s Los Angeles mansion caught fire while people were inside.   As the story goes, the fire started in one of the mansion’s bathrooms. While the fire had the potential to do serious damage to the property, nothing major was destroyed. The home […]

  The extremes people will go to in order to ensure their exes feel some sort of pain after the relationship ends. A Florida man was so hellbent on exacting revenge on his ex-girlfriend, he accidentally set himself on fire. According to news reports, a driver was making their way down a main street in […]

  The law frowns upon citizens taking matters into their own hands and dishing their own brand of street justice. A woman in India took serving street justice to a totally different level when she killed the man who raped her by setting him on fire. 38-year-old Raju Vishvakarma died this past Friday after sustaining […]

  Ever since Miley Cyrus shook her barely-there ass on Robin Thicke at the VMAs and called it twerking, the relatively old dance with a new name has gone viral. The New York Times even tried to make it digestible for their audience by doing an “in-depth” piece on it. While some out of ouch […]

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  Hip Hop Hooray for Nasir Jones aka Nas! The rapper was apparently watching the news when he saw a story about a father with a lot of children who had lost their home due to a fire and decided to help! Check out the report in the video below. We’re told Nas ended up […]