The law frowns upon citizens taking matters into their own hands and dishing their own brand of street justice. A woman in India took serving street justice to a totally different level when she killed the man who raped her by setting him on fire.

38-year-old Raju Vishvakarma died this past Friday after sustaining massive burns to his body. His dying declaration named his murderer and also confessed to his own crime. Vishvakarma said a woman he raped invited him over to her home to discuss an out-of-court settlement. Upon his arrival, he was doused in kerosene by the rape victim and her brothers. Once Raju Vishvakarma was soaked in the lighting agent, he was lit on fire.

When local villagers saw Raju on fire, they took him to a local hospital. The police’s superintendent told reporters, “We have just received the information of his death. We have booked the rape victim and her family members on charges of murder going by Raju’s statement.”

Raju Vishvakarma raped the 25-year-old woman on April 30th and he was released on bail sometime in May which means this woman had been planning this since she was raped.



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