Wow…just WOW! According to The Washington Post  the FBI has had the ability to secretly activate a computer’s camera without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording for years now. So for all of you who leave your laptops on and open…we hope you aren’t doing anything…embarrassing! Hell we hope you aren’t doing simple things like getting dressed or undressed!

Marcus Thomas, the former assistant director of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division, claims that this sort of creepy spy laptop recording is “mainly” used in terrorism cases or the “most serious” of criminal investigations. Hmmm well, we aren’t doing anything that should trigger those types of investigations. And yet somehow we still don’t feel comforted by that information.

When we think of all of the things people do when they think they are alone…we’re talking from the habitual nose picker to the ones who dance around and sing into hair brushes…or the ones who yell at the TV. Or on the other side of the know what we mean..those who do things that we won’t mention but you can just about guess at…with all that happening we bet the FBI have been getting a real eyeful! So we guess the moral to the story is this…if your laptop is open…just..don’t…do it! Because we’ve all had that creepy feeling as though we were being watched at one point or another…if you’re lap top is open…you may just be right!

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