Oh boy…we imagine either someone is without a job tonight or R. Kelly is sitting in the corner of his closet rocking back and forth if that disaster that came about on his Twitter time line today was his own idea!

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Apparently in order to promote his new project “Black Panties” R took to Twitter to do a question and answer session with fans thinking it would be people who really liked him that would be the ones responding…yeah…nah that is not what went down…not by a long shot!

Honey they didn’t even try it…they did that in a big way! Take a look at some of the tweets below!

R. Kelly…meet “Black Twitter”…we’d introduce them to you but clearly they know your name sir! Black Twitter has been steadily going in on this man for more than about nine hours now! There seems to be no end in sight! So again…we wonder who in the world…thought that putting R. Kelly in an open forum like Twitter where there are no rules and zero chill was a good idea? And furthermore does that person still have gainful employment this evening?

Black Twitter showed R. Kelly and the world that they have not forgotten what they think they know to be true about him. Basically to sum it up…they feel like Huey Freeman in the video below!

Black Twitter may have done battle with ignorance today…and ignorance may have won but the tables were completely turned! This time it was those who think R. Kelly is super guilty of the crimes he was accused of that triumphed. Those who assumed  everyone would always be playing his music and disregarding all else lost in a big way….although they won in the courthouse they all lost today in the court of public opinion. Which one is more important? Well we guess that answer is up to the beholder.

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