Yahoo Finance's social media team tweeted out the following headline around 10:01 p.m. EST: “Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

Some suggested the outlet's error was a ploy to gain clicks while other's just marveled at one of the first L's of 2017.

Black Twitter was in full effect for Sunday night’s BET Awards, and no one was safe from its wrath—including music vet Justin Timberlake. The crooner took to social media to commend Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams for the moving speech he gave while accepting his Humanitarian Award. As Jesse went on about “burying black people out of […]

Michael Jordan has finally revealed his true feelings about the internet sensation known as the Michael Jordan crying face meme.

Raven-Symone hasn’t been one to bite her tongue in recent years, and the actress has caught some flack for that. Last year, in an episode of OWN’s Where Are They Now? with Oprah Winfrey, Symone said that she didn’t label herself as African-American. Winfrey told her that Black Twitter wasn’t going to support her, and Twitter […]

Black Twitter wasn’t happy with how the Associated Press handled the verdict in case of Theodore Wafer, who was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Renisha McBride. The tweet in question inexplicably references McBride’s reported inebriation at the time of her murder, with an equally inexplicable mention of Wafer’s home-ownership. The hashtag […]

We aren’t sure what made Basketball Wives Of LA‘s Draya think that she wouldn’t catch a virtual beatdown on Twitter for tweeting the following statements….but conventional wisdom should have told her that Black Twitter was going to have NONE of it! Hell we’re still gasping from the last time they drug her for days over […]

After it appeared that 12 Years A Slave was going to be shut out of every single award it was nominated for tonight Black Twitter started to go in over not only the seemingly impending shut out of 12 Years A Slave but Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom as well.  Take a look at some of the tweets […]

There are things in life that you experience without being able to point your finger on it, but it doesn’t make it any less real. The phenomenon known as “Black Twitter” is treated with skepticism by some (isn’t Twitter just Twitter?) while others wholeheartedly embrace the notion of a separate and vocal nation within the […]

Earlier in 2013, we witnessed the “Black Twitter” takeover in response to various topics including Drake’s album work, Miguel’s leg drop and even Beyonce’s latest album. Twitter recently exploded into a gender bending dirty dozen when men took part in #MeninistTwitter to poke fun at all of the disadvantages to being a guy and dealing […]