The fallout over “Saturday Night Live’s” lack of having a black woman on the cast has grown to a fever pitch. So the producers of the long-running sketch comedy show held secret auditions for a black woman cast member. However, the experience some of the auditioning actresses hasn’t been pleasant either.


Actress Tiffany Haddish auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” and says that the whole experience was a total crock of stuff that rhymes with spit. Haddish went to the December 2nd audition at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles and said it felt more like a dog and pony show than a real audition. The executive producer of the show Lorne Michaels wasn’t even in attendance. Michaels is known to be so hands on that he attends practically every audition.

Other people at the audition were skeptical about the whole thing because the audition came immediately after the black male cast members–Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson–made comments about the show not hiring black women. Pharoah even recommended an actress for the show named Darmirra Brunson. Brunson was at the audition, but sources are saying she was blown off by producers despite being told she would be given a shot on the show.

“SNL” hasn’t announced if the Los Angeles audition was successful in finding a black actress for the show, but Haddish thinks they already found who they want for the show and just wasted everybody’s time and gas money.



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