It was a funny concept, but it just didn’t pan out that way for television. “Saturday Night Live” tried to go all in for their “Def TedTalks Jam,” but it fell pretty flat. One good thing about the sketch was Jay Pharoah’s impression of Def Jam founder and hip-hop pioneer, Russell Simmons. He was dead on […]

With a slew of celebrity impersonations to his credit, comedian and actor Jay Pharoah is a good man to call when you need a reasonable facsimile for Jay Z or President Barack Obama.  T.U.D. takes a closer look at SNL’s man of many voices. 2010 The year Jay Pharoah joined the cast of Saturday Night […]


Last night SNL brought in Kerry Washington to save them from themselves and from the comments Keenan Thompson made previously about black women comedians not being ready to be on SNL. While the reviews are mixed as to the show itself everyone pretty much agreed that the spoof on “What Does The Fox Say” was good. […]

Amidst continued criticism over the lack of Black representation in their casting–particularly African-American women–Saturday Night Live continues to chug along with their brand of race-based comedy. RELATED: Black Comedienne’s To Kenan Thompson: “He Can’t Do What We Do” In the parody “12 Days Not A Slave,” Jay Pharoah is a recently emancipated slave named Cecil who can’t […]

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  Oh man! In a crazy parody of Kanye’s “I Am A God” Jay Pharoah takes it there with his crazy video called “I Am A Dog”! Thanks to DJ’s Doing Work, we’ve got it for you! Check it out below!     If this is what Jay’s doing now, then we can’t wait  to […]


Saturday Night Live cast member and comedian Jay Pharaoh took to the ESPY’s stage yesterday and did his trademark Jay-Z impersonation. Sampling the music mogul’s mannerisms and style, Pharaoh poked fun at Jay’s newest project: Roc Nation Sports. “You’re probably thinking, ‘He doesn’t know what it’s like to be a professional athlete. All he knows […]

Denzel Washington’s latest movie Unstoppable came in at #2 in the box office this weekend  was on everyone’s radar. It appears we weren’t the only ones to have some fun at their expense and on this weekend’s SNL, comedian Jay Pharoah takes on Denzel’s signature laugh and mannerisms in this spoof of the trailer.

Saturday Night Live recently cast comedian Jay Pharoah on the show.