When it comes to Hip-Hop, there are tons of big homies, scores of OG’s and more than a few legends. But when the recap comes around, there will only be two Trill OG’s in the books. And the living legend would happen to be Texas’s own Bun B.

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So when Uncle Bunjamin stopped by for his Rhyme And Reason session, to drop a verse from his new album Trill OG The Epilogue, MrMecc was all ears. Check the wisdom behind everything from his life as a free agent and beefing in the music business to Dreads in TX and trips through Times Square.

“Murder murder redrum – mami, I done dead them

Rude boy like Ashanti, take his motherf*cking head from

His shoulders, this is Bedlam – mayhem, chaos

Competition cease and seckle already, they lost

Thinking they boss like the Triple C’s CEO

Fuck them, they would be D.O.A ASAP, you see me, ho

Me, you, and D.O.G, that’s why the f*ck they ducking me

Rude boy, now deal with the f*ckery, we bucking G

The ghetto red hot, the youth and the care play

Pussy and lit up match shots now in the air

Motherfucker beware ’til I retire or expire

Cyanide in them, know that we are coming with more fire…”

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