If you are going to be drinking in public, please make sure you can hold your liquor. A woman recently got the shock of her life, literally, when she got electrocuted by a fence in the elephant’s pen at the Denver Zoo.


As the story goes, an unidentified woman was a guest at the Denver Zoo’s “Zoo Lights” event. She was inebriated and wandered away from the group she was with. She found her way over to the elephant living space and climbed in. The woman was electrocuted when she touched a fence in the elephant’s living space. Security was sent to search for her when the group she was with realized she was missing.

When security found the woman, they had her sent to a hospital for minor injuries. The good thing about the whole incident is there were no elephants in the enclosure when the woman got into the pen. Had there been elephants in the pen, this would be a totally different story. Since there weren’t any animals in the pen when the woman climbed in, it’s unclear whether or not she broke any laws.



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