Director Spike Lee announced on the social network Instagram this morning that his younger brother Christopher Lee died yesterday at age 55.

“Mr. Christopher Lee R.I.P December 23,1958-December 30,2013. Chris Is My Brother Born Right After Me,” he wrote. “Not A Good Way To Start The New Year.May God Bless His Soul.”

Spike Lee has five siblings including his sister Joie and four brothers, David, Arnold, Cinque and Chris. While most of his siblings have worked with Spike in some capacity, little is known about Chris. In an interview with the L.A. Times in 1994, Spike Lee’s father Bill said that Chris played the trumpet and “became interested in art; he’s still an artist, but he hasn’t pursued it.”

Chris went to the “National Enquirer” in 2006 to complain that Spike would not front him the value of his share of a family house because he needed the money. Spike simply replied that, “My brother’s statements to the Enquirer are falsehoods. Nonetheless, my siblings and I still love him. I’m not the first nor will I be the last public figure who will be accused by a sibling of not doing enough. My question is, ‘When is enough enough?'”

There is no word from Spike Lee on a cause of death for his brother Chris.


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