Hey TBM,

I want to know why, when I date outside of my race, the females try to act “black”. For example.  When I used to argue with one girl she would start trying to threaten me with child support. But I know if I was not black, she wouldn’t say that. When we go on a date, she wants to go where the black people are, but if she was with a guy in her race, she wouldn’t want that. Another woman I dated, who I thought about living with, wanted to move into a horrible neighborhood and I wanted to live in a good area with few blacks. She was totally against it. I know if I was not black and I chose the same area to live in she would have been fine with it…Why why why? Help me!


The Blackman:

Hi Kelvin,

I think the best why to resolve this issue is to look into yourself and see the cycle of women that you are dating and look to change that.I don’t think that women who are not black that date black men always try to act black. Actually a lot of them don’t at all. In your case it just may be the women you are choosing to date.

Child support is not a “black” thing. That happens in every race or culture. It may get publicized more that it occurs in the black culture but it’s not a “black” thing. It seems like the women you are dating may be trying to be “black” or identify to the “black” culture, and perhaps trying a bit too hard to do so.

If you like dating women of different cultures, then date the ones that are comfortable with themselves, their culture and are compatible to you.

That’s my 99 Cents worth.


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