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Lark Voorhies, aka "she'll always be Lisa Turtle to us," is apparently no longer an African-American.

The Voice

Like most of the episodes this season and the two that came before it, the season 3 finale for BET’s hit drama series “Being Mary Jane” shed light on several hard-hitting issues affecting the show’s most prominent demographic. In addition to tackling interracial dating and the plight of Black women in the workforce, tonight’s episode […]

It was recently announced that the "Only" rapper would executive produce a sitcom for the network based on her childhood and timeline to international stardom. DeGeneres, a friend of the artist, aired a parody on The Ellen Show this week depicting little Onika -- as well as her parents and family dog -- with large buttocks.

A group of Black women are speaking out against a trendy London nightclub after they were denied entry for being "too fat" and "too dark."

In his second term, President Obama is speaking more openly about events as he wants, especially those concerning Black America.

Tracee Ellis Ross channels her disco diva mother, Diana Ross, in a recreation of the 1989 music video, "Work That Body."

A series of tweets published by rapper Nicki Minaj that exposed MTV for upholding a certain standard of beauty were interpreted as an “attack” by…

In a 10-minute-long Today Show interview Tuesday morning, the former president of the Spokane, Wash. chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored…


Terrence Howard wants you to know that he is highly upset his name has been used to bash Black women. Ever since video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Palmer surfaced, tons of people have had something to say about their relationship and what was seen on the tape. Whether they’re in the spotlight or not, […]

As much as I love the internet (I mean I do make a living off of it), it is an uncontrollable beast when it comes to the things people share without investigating whether whatever material they’re sharing is true or not. Actor Taye Diggs was recently  a victim of the internet not fact checking before […]

Celebrity News

As if Black women didn’t have enough to worry about with the negative media portrayals or psychologists questioning their attractiveness, certain Black male celebrities seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.  While these men mask their views of black women beneath humor, exercising their preference, or “just keeping it real”, their comments have left their […]