Terrence Howard wants you to know that he is highly upset his name has been used to bash Black women.

Ever since video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Palmer surfaced, tons of people have had something to say about their relationship and what was seen on the tape. Whether they’re in the spotlight or not, plenty of people have expressed their opinion about Ray and Janay.

That might be why TMZ found it so easy to attribute a pretty inflammatory quote about Ray to Terrence, which stated, “Dating black women will ruin your life. They always ruin a successful black man. And they wonder why we are running from them in droves.”

“The Best Man Holiday” actor took exception called out TMZ for the quote, and he insisted on Instagram that he would never say anything like that in a post captured by The Shade Room.

“Anyone who knows me knows that this is a complete fabrication in an effort to hurt me and my family,” Terrence wrote. “Not only am I hurt that anyone would believe this it angers me that anyone can take a picture and just add text and claim that it was a quote from me.”

Terrence has built a good career for himself entertaining the black community—women specifically—and he was not going to stand by and let his name be used to insult his fan base. He might be mad that anyone could tag him for such an offensive quote, but a lot of people were inclined to believe that he could say something like that.

Just last year, he said that Black people have a “crab mentality” that causes us to pick one another apart. But before he said anything about that, Terrence has given black women plenty of reasons to believe he’d bash us just based on his romantic history alone.

He’s a huge supporter of the swirl, and there’s nothing wrong that in and of itself. People shouldn’t limit themselves to just one race when looking for The One. However, it seems that Terrence has a thinly veiled preference for women that are anything but Black. He claims that is simply a coincidence because he claims his heart is colorblind.

“I love not a according to the color of the skin but a place where nothing by the souls can speak,” he attempted to explain. “Black women are beautiful and amazing. I just haven’t been fortunate enough in this octave to have been marred to one.”

Ok, Terrence. Apparently that explains it all, beauties. His soul has just never vibed with the soul of a black woman.

After years of avoiding black women in his love life, he’s really trying his best to convince the world that he’s harbored a secret love and admiration for us all of these years. It remains to be seen how many people are buying his denials at this time, but it is hard to believe that he would openly bash such a huge section of his supporters.

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