A Chicago rapper named Qawmane Wilson who goes by the rap name Young QC…(but in our opinion should go by the name “Young DA”…we’ll let you see if you can figure out why after you finish with the story!) has been charged in the murder of his very own mother. Why was this you ask? Was this to fulfill a drug debt? No. Was it because his mother was abusive and violent with him? Umm no! Take a listen to what allegedly happened with this would be Hip Hopper in the Donkey Of The Day segment video below.

Here are some of the pics from his Instagram that Wilson posted after his mother’s death. Take a look at them…were the deaths worth it in your opinion?



Take a listen to what this “rapper” calls good music in one of his videos which posted 9 months ago.

Ha we’ll give you 3 guesses at what that D.A. stands for!

Who does that to a parent? And since when does successfully rhyming words together have to mean extra likes on Instagram etc.?

The guy is 24-years-old! Why didn’t he just get a job and take pics with his own darn money?!

This is just another example of why we need rap God Fathers out here to teach these kids about the game because clearly allowing them to sit around and guess is not working! If your kid is out here trying to rhyme teach them about the culture first…don’t let them believe everything they see on TV and read on the internet! Or else this will not be the last case of this type of foolishness that we hear about!



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