When it comes to random ridiculousness happening in America, it usually happens in two states–Florida and Ohio. While Florida can claim the birth of bath salts and the racial exploitation of the Stand Your Ground law, Ohio has these two idiots. Two drug dealers called the police to report a that a teen had stolen their product from them in a Taco Bell.


As the story goes, the two dealers met a group of teens in the parking lot of a local Taco Bell so they could their medieval sword fighting techniques. However, while they practiced the sword fighting, the drug dealers were robbed of their product. The dealers, Sebastian Wozniak and Anthony Klier set up a drug deal with their fellow medieval sword fighters. The pair was to sell the group $80 worth of marijuana. When the transaction was going down, one teen pepper sprayed Wozniak, grabbed the weed and peeled off.

Wozniak and Klier filed a criminal complaint saying they had been robbed but failed to itemize what had been stolen. Upon further investigation, the police determined through phone records and witnesses what actually took place. As a result of the police’s investigation, Wozniak and Klier were charged with trafficking marijuana, obstructing justice. Wozniak was also charged with possessing criminal tools.

Let this be a lesson to all you perpetrators of illegal activities, if you sell drugs and get robe, you’re just going to have to take that loss.



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