Oh you fancy huh? We kid! We actually think it’s pretty dope to hear that Meek Mill has completed his court ordered etiquette classes.

According to Eben Gregory, Mill was told by a judge that he needed to refine his use of social media and learn to behave. We’ve never heard of this type of punishment before but we guess whatever works is whatever works!

Meek’s lawyer reportedly said  the rapper passed the courses with flying colors. What did the course load consist of you ask…well he is said to have learned about everything from dressing for success to proper social media communication.

Eben Gregory says Meek has now hired Gail (from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol) and Gail reports that  Meek wants her to to school him on fine dining skills. He has a serious interest in learning specifically about international dining and customs because he travels so much. How sofisticatical! (You think it’s not a word…but we guarantee someone somewhere has used it in a sentence today.)

Well get em Meek! We’re ready to come over and have tea and crumpets anytime!

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